Burke Kenny


Olympia, Washington


Burke KennyBurke T. Kenny of Olympia, Washington sports a foot long full beard with an untrimmed moustache that has earned him three world titles (Brighton 2007, Trondheim 2011, and Leinfelden-Echterdingen 2013) so far in the “full beard styled moustache” category. He also boasts a national championship title in the same category, earned in Las Vegas in 2012.

Many bearding fans were surprised when the judges overlooked Burke at the 2009 worlds in Alaska. He sat out the 2010 Nationals, electing to judge instead, and then got sweet revenge in Norway when he struck gold again.

Burke holds a bachelor’s degree in music and is bassist of blues/rock band Hitchkick, who perform throughout the Pacific Northwest region.

Burke has achieved several other forms of facial hair recognition in addition to his many awards, including numerous newspaper and magazine articles, television appearances on Live with Regis and Kelly, Good Morning America, and Evening Magazine, and his own Topps trading card.

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43 Responses to “Burke Kenny”

  1. Burke is a good dude. I enjoy listening to metal with Burke.

  2. now thats a beard to be proud of.


  4. What a face-mane! Very impressive. It’s cool that you’ve been able to gain some notoriety from it. I’m guessing your music is as impressive.
    I’ve always wondered how a person with a full mustache eats without getting mouthfuls of ‘stache. Practice, I’m sure.
    Keep it growing.

  5. impressive!
    You sort of remind me of a russian monk, but I think that’s a good thing.

  6. This is the beard I’ll always envy.

  7. beautiful

  8. I’d love to get lost in that fur someday

  9. Beards are so regal! How lovely.

  10. Russian monk…not just any russian monk…Dead ringer for Rasputin

  11. how does he eat is he able to eat a lollypop or icecream ??????????


  13. just wondering how he would eat without getting it terribly messy?

  14. Dink Deeply from his beard. So saith the god of beards

  15. Yeah, that’s a pretty sweet beard ya got there. But, what do you know about driving a bus? Just kidding.

  16. Will you marry me?
    Gosh, your beard is so sexy!
    Your in a band too!
    Gahhhh, I wanna pet your beard.
    You are my personal hero, Don’t change.
    You look amazing!

  17. o shit you fucking not fucking git fucking marrd you are a jack ass

  18. Burke, words can not describe the beauty of your beard. Back in the day only the modt noble of men rocked facial hair. with that said in there standards your a king.

  19. on the note of eating, he came into the restaurant tug boat annies where I work, and he kept his beard spotless

  20. it is a beard that would put Bill Brasky to shame

  21. omg!amazing beard man.i can only hope mine will get that long.keep it going man.your an inspiration.may the beard grow with you.


  23. I have supped with Burke many times. The man is amazingly neat with beard and ‘stash. Must be magic. Fun to watch tho.

  24. Congrats on the win, Burke!

  25. Burke, greetings from Brazil. Your beard is a bomb!

  26. Best I’ve seen. Very old western style. Only thing thats missing are the 6 shooters.

  27. Just won another world championship it looks like. Congrats to Burke.

  28. Burke I offer you my immortal soul for your hair to grow on my face and head OMG a champion too his majesty has arrived [ you are a real man not a girlface]PLEASE down the road never embrace the kiss of gillette I have had my beard 48 years uncut its 28.5 in long terminallength and the butt length poneytail uncut. and all you see is male girls. note them digging at their necks and the infected ingrown hairs uugh. all the best my brother , and my wife said there is a real man.gs

  29. What Sarah said. ;)

  30. I sense beard joust between Burke and Gurkiupral in the near future! Stay tuned beard/stache fanatics!! whoot whoot!!!

  31. I want to nuzzle my face in your beard, it looks so cozy!

  32. Burke’s amazing! and gorgeous!!

  33. I went to the championship on a whim and loved every second of it! I asked Burke for a picture with him and he was so nice and gracious. It was a pleasure to meet you dude.

  34. Great beard man, very inspirational. Tryin’ to get mine there. Maybe oneday. Keep growin’!

  35. beard.beard.beard.beard.beard.oh,beard. i second what Duke and Banner has to say! holla back beard!so good!

  36. Cool Beard but how old are you? I’m 23 and almost there, im coming for your title!

  37. great to find a place that celebrates facial hair, could I find out how I could submit photo?

  38. I love your beard its great! But why havent i seen you on this season of whisker wars?

  39. Burke, Love the beard. I aspire to grow one like yours

  40. Wow, you actually make beards look good!

  41. I am casting for an upcoming still photo shoot in Seattle, and I need guys with fantastic and creative facial hair!! We are shooting 6/19-20 and this is a paying job. Please contact me through my email or through Facebook, and I will give you all the details.
    Thanks so much!


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