Phil Olsen


Tahoe City, CA


Phil Olsen is the founder and self-appointed captain of Beard Team USA. He attended his first World Beard and Moustache Championships in Ystad, Sweden, in 1999. Noticing that the sport of bearding brings people together but that America was underrepresented, he embarked on a twin crusade to bring the sport to American and the world and to establish the USA an international facial hair powerhouse.

In 2003, he introduced the sport to America when he organized the worlds held in Carson City, Nevada. In 2009, Beard Team USA succeeded in knocking of Germany for the first time ever as the leading power in international bearding

Competition? He is a perennial also-ran at the worlds, but he won “best beard” at the 2007 Joyce Daze Beard Contest and “blackest beard” at the 2007 Nevada Day Beard contest. During the Eisenhower Administration, he took second place at the annual spelling bee in Mrs. Oakley’s fifth grade class.

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22 Responses to “Phil Olsen”

  1. hey phil,i like the new site,well done.

  2. Jack & Bobby Prescott April 13, 2010 at 3:35 pm

    Dear Capn Olsen,

    Me and my younger brother would like to enquire about beginning us a chapter on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Looks like the next closest local enterprise is Baltimore, a fair deal off at about 150 miles. We don’t travel yon that much.

    We got us here lots a dedicated moustaches and beards. Most of them in our extended Prescott family here no less. Our cousin Wade and Uncle Clensel being but a few. Dare I mention Aunt Gussey.

    Kindly yours,

    Jack and Bobby – the Prescott Brothers

  3. Bobby Prescott April 19, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    Dear Phil,

    Sir I don’t reckon I mean to bug you much but me and my brother Jack are really getting the itch on this here club. I made my way to this here machine to respectfuly ask how we may start our own bearding club, my brother and I and our kin. Well, I best be getting back to tending those boilers. Hope this finds yours well,

    Bobby Prescott III

  4. To start your own local chapter, just email team captain, Phil Olsen.

  5. Phil Olsen is a great guy and very worthy captain. I have only spoken with him briefly over e-mail but I felt like I was talking to a huge celebrity each time. Thank you Mr. Oslen for creating such a glorious movement of Beards and Beer!

    Got some backstage gossip and sidecurtains comments – will let you know.


  7. David McSwiggen June 11, 2010 at 11:39 pm

    Is this for real???

  8. Howdy Phil
    Lange nichts mehr von dir gehört.
    Gibt einiges Neues
    Hoffe wir sehen uns mal wieder
    Bis dann Gruß Fuzzy

  9. G’Day Phil,
    Greetings from South Australia! I am sure you are asking yourself – what’s this? However we have met – at the Championships in Anchorage in 2009 – we were with the bunch of hangers on that came with the “Beards” (who will be doing other things next May and will not be able to make it to Trondheim).
    Will you be at Trondheim next May? It will be great to see you again.
    Bye for now,
    Graeme Drewett.

  10. I want to have sex with your beard!

  11. You are my hero!!!!

  12. Phil, I saw you on TV on an advert for the TV show. I am having trouble believing it is you………drop me a note. Richard

  13. Hi Phil,

    I saw you mentioned in the New York Times on Sunday! I understand that you are hosting a beard and Mustache Competition on Dec. 3rd…I would love to catch up with you regarding sponsoring your upcoming event! I am the owner of Lucky Tiger…authentic men’s grooming products since 1935!

  14. I have tried to contact Beard Team USA about commencing a chapter in my area,Seminole T.X. Please respond!

  15. charlie melville July 22, 2012 at 11:58 am

    i am psyched to (hopefully) be a part of beard team USA. it will be an amazing experience.

  16. Correction. The world championships are open to everyone, not just winners at the Nationals.

  17. Phil:

    I hope all this comment finds you and that the demands of being founder and self-appointed captain of Beard Team USA are not too hectic. Our company has a number of employees who are growing beards as part of a St. Baldrick’s cancer fundraiser. Sadly, they are but novices to the art of cultivating facial hair. I was hoping that we could arrange a visit when you are in Reno to offer inspiration, wisdom and guidance to our growers on issues such as “the power of facial hair”, “eating etiquette”, and other critical and timely issues.


    Lars Perry

  18. Thanks for sharing, I like usa.


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