Beard Team USA Nationals – Online registration deadline June 3

Beards! Beer! Bend!

Online registration for the first ever Beard Team USA National Beard and Moustache Championships will close at 5 pm on June 3.  After that contestants may register in person for an additional fee.  The championships take place on Saturday, June 5, in Bend, Oregon. $5000 in prizes courtesy of Visit Bend! Get all the Nationals info!

There will be competition in four separate categories. The winner in each category will walk away with a cool $1000. So that everyone gets a shot at the cash, the fifth $1000 prize will go to a contestant selected at random.


1. Best moustache. Beards are allowed in this category but the contestants will be judged on their moustaches only;

2. Best partial beard. Includes goatees, van dykes, sideburns, musketeers, etc.;

3. Best full beard. Styling aids are permitted;

4. Freestyle. Anything goes. Anything. Be creative.

Like membership in BTUSA, the competition is open to everyone. There are no annoying qualifying events, drug tests, or dues. Located on the Deschutes River in Central Oregon, Bend offers fly-fishing, rafting, golf, canoeing, mountain biking, hiking, and more. Did I mention beer? Bend is the home of seven microbreweries including the famous Deschutes Brewery practically next door to the Les Schwab Amphitheater where the competiton will take place. Visit Bend is a major sponsor of the event.The championships will take place in conjunction with the 8th Annual Balloons Over Bend hot air balloon festival. Stay tuned for information on registration, lodging options, transportation from the airport in Portland, and everything else you will need to know.

Get all the Nationals info!

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16 Responses to “Beard Team USA Nationals – Online registration deadline June 3”

  1. How could you miss this? This sounds like a fantastic time. Beards, beer, and nature? Count us in!
    With much love from Minnesota,

  2. Can’t wait for June… We’ve got a caravan driving up from San Diego to enter the competition.
    Beers and Beards!! What could be better?

    -Don Carter
    (Beard Team USA Member, San Diego)

  3. Some fellas from the Fresno Beard and Mustache Club will be caravanning from Fresno to hang out with some other hirsute folk!
    Shawn Hasson
    (Fresno Chapter of Beard Team USA)

  4. It makes me soooo happy to hear so many of the bearded are traveling to Oregon!!! See you all there!

  5. They chose a GREAT place for the furry dudes to congregate. Just a hop, skip and a jump from my Own Private Idaho!

    See y’all there!

  6. How does one become a judge? I think a few female opinions are strongly needed for said competition!

  7. Just purchased my ticket to fly in from Kentucky! Dragging a bunch of people down from Portland for the festivities. Can’t wait!

  8. Reservations made, travel plans set, beer money reserved, shaving utensiles trashed long ago. See you all there! =)

  9. I’m registered.

    With a handlebar/imperial moustache of 43 years (size and color has changed over the years) it occurs to me that there should be more categories for moustaches than just one. The international competition has several.

    How about providing 3 or 4 moustache categories and let us hair on the upper lip only affecianados have a go at more than just one winner? I mean, who would you vote for, Groucho Marx or “der Kaiser”? They are totally different styles that can hardly compete against each other.

  10. Actually at some of the world championships there are as many as nine categories for moustaches. But even with so many categories, many fine moustaches are still not included because the categories are defined so narrowly. There are always arguments over who fits into what category. Meanwhile some categories only have a few contestants. For example, in Alaska last year one of the moustache categories had only two entrants. With a large number of narrowly defined categories, the contest is to see who can best conform his facial hair to a set standard. But for most members of BTUSA, facial hair is about non-conformity and individuality. And we don’t have enough prize money for several categories. Who has the best moustache in the country? Find out June 5. The winner will be $1000 richer.

  11. Hey y’all. Lookin’ forward to Bend. This will be fun. Will arrive Friday night. I plan on the river trip on Friday.
    Doing a Beard Styling Clinic on Saturday morning at 10 am. PLace is to be at a Barber Shop somewhere downtown. Not sure where yet, but it should be fun. Don’t plan on more than a 30 minute clinic. If there is anyone else who has ideas on this, please contact me. This is ‘learn as we go’.
    Beers and beards. What a great mix.


  12. Darrell Crawford May 17, 2010 at 12:37 am

    Beard Team Canada will be Bendt! A small but loud and proud contingent. Will be great to re-aquaint and meet new folk.

  13. Brad Reynolds May 18, 2010 at 4:37 pm

    Looking forward to seeing everyone. I will be making portraits of any and all contestants during Saturday’s events. Look for the canopy and cameras in the staging area behind the Les Schwab Amphitheater. Everyone photographed will receive a complimentary 5×7 portrait print. Hope you’ll drop by and “flash the ‘stache!”

  14. I hope this is a huge success!! best of luck to everyone who is competing!!

  15. Can’t wait for the opportunity to compete and drink beer. If you need a trim prior to the event give Jayson a call at Jay T’s Hair Parlor for Men. We will be fielding a small team of passionate amateurs. Jay T’s is a short walk from the event and downtown not to mention the great beer on tap.

    (541) 306-6912


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