Sean Perrotta, judge wannabe

Sean Perrotta is willing to drive all the way to Oregon from Cranford, New Jersey in order to be a judge at the upcoming Nationals.  Check out Sean’s video application.  Caution: Sean stuck to the rule that any nudity be tasteful, but his video still contains language and images some might find offensive.

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20 Responses to “Sean Perrotta, judge wannabe”

  1. You’ve got my vote, Sean! haha

  2. This is win, Sean. You’re absolutely perfect because you can take it seriously but still add a lighthearted edge to the competition. Good luck!

  3. It is good to see that the youth of America have taken an interest in the great art that is the beard.
    Beard Team USA, passing on a potential judge who clearly has both passion and personality would be a shame.

  4. Sean, I’ve never loved a beard as I’ve loved yours. Your beard, one year my elder, has been a constant beacon of light through thick and thin. I could not think of a nobler beard or a nobler bearded individual than yourself. I feel truly blessed to have you and your beard in my life.

  5. This is hysterical. You definitely seem like you know what you’re talking about. I would definitely trust you with judging our nation’s finest facial hair!

  6. Who better to judge the quality of facial hair than the kid whose been rocking a full beard for almost as long as i have known him. He would most definitely do this nation proud as a judge of supreme quality.

  7. Sean’s subtle use of the blow-job example says, I’m here to judge beards, but I also like to party.

  8. How could this kid not win?!? He has to be the hands down favorite. He is willing to drive to Oregon from New Jersey for god sakes…for FACIAL HAIR no less. Thats dedication

  9. This video inspired me deeply, and I get the feeling that if given the chance Sean Perrotta would penetrate me just as deeply. This potent combination of knowledge, testosterone, and prowess regarding all things beard-related impresses me to no end and, to be blunt, makes me wetter than a stray cat in heat. There is no one better suited to judge the BeardTeamUSA nationals, and to carry the torch of masculinity as far as it will go.

  10. Sean’s passion for the beard and willingness to drive from New Jersey to freaking Oregon shows just how much this competition means to him. The man is clearly THE best choice as a judge and if he is not picked I will be sorely disappointed.

    Also blow-jobs.

  11. This guy HAS to be a judge. Hilarious.

  12. holy moly…i hope he drives out there even if he doesn’t get picked. hes a funny dude. but i hope he does get picked hahah

  13. This Sean Perrotta seems like a swell guy who would be ideal in judging facial hair. Great beard, great guy, sure to be a great judge. Pick him.

  14. Sean is one of the greatest people I know, and he more than deserves the position of beard-judge. Our common love of facial hair has been one of the cornerstones of our dear friendship.
    He must win.

  15. Wow this guy’s hilarious! There’s not even a option at this point. He’s the clear cut winner in my book! He loves volleyball, beards, and blow jobs…what better man is there to judge this competition?

  16. This is one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen. As someone who loves beards more than most he gets my non-existent, imaginary, and almost useless vote.

  17. Glad to see humor and knowledge, great way to get some of the up and coming beard growers of America interested in beards and other facial hair. Cant wait to see this young yet facially haired experienced man judging our nations finest or should I say thickest beards.

  18. …………Woah……. I was honestly just rendered speachless for a second there. This man is clearly the quintessential beard judge, and I don’t go around saying that about just any old facial hair enthusiast. He’s got it all! A winning personality, wholesome values… my only true concern is that he may drive all the way to Oregon to discover that his own beard has stolen the show!

  19. This video is hysterical and very legit. I implore you to let him be a judge. For the sake of the competition you must choose him.

  20. Is that a beard or did a beaver die on your face? Just kidding. No one else would make a better judge for Beard Team USA.

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