The National Beard and Moustache Series

btusalogo wtext sm fileThe National Beard and Moustache Series will be a series of bearding events utilizing standardized rules and procedures. It is anticipated that the series will begin in January, 2014 once all rules and procedures are in place.

Competitors who enter any of the series events may compete in addition for the title Beardsman of the Year, to be honored at the 2014 World Beard and Moustache Championships in Portland, Oregon and at future annual competitions held by Beard Team USA each year. Contestants who place in series events will be awarded points based on the results and size of the series event.

Beard Team USA will promote all series events.

Any event that meets the following requirements will qualify for inclusion in the series:

1. The competition must be open to all. The sole exception is that, if an event is held at an age-restricted venue, the competition may be restricted to those who meet the age requirements of the venue.

2. The judges must be impartial. No judge who is personally acquainted with any of the contestants may judge the category in which such contestant competes. No member of a beard club may judge a category in which any member of the judge’s club competes.

3. The competition must be conducted in accordance with the standardized rules that are still in development.

4. The rules and category descriptions must be made public in advance of the competition. The contestants’ scores must be made available to the public either at or as soon as possible after the competition. Open voting is encouraged by not required.

Please contact Phil Olsen for further information.

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6 Responses to “The National Beard and Moustache Series”

  1. Will there be chapters? I’m interested. I live in just south of Carson City, NV and there are some great beards out this way. I’ve been thinking of using some of the older ‘thirst parlors’ in the area (Carson, Genoa, Minden, Virginia City) as a way to hold a contests. Contact me via email with any info.

  2. It is not necessary to be a chapter to host a series event.

  3. Love to host event here in Asheville NC, info please?

  4. I want in! Just joined on the website and would really love to get involved! I’m a disabled vet with lots of time on my hands. I live in Blairsville, Ga. Does anyone know if there is a chapter close by? Lots of bearded mountain men in these parts, I am sure many would like to get involved as well. Blairsville, Ga would be a great location for a competition. We are well stocked with beardsmen and have a ton of festivals annually including the Sorghum Festival and annual Scottish games fest.

  5. We are looking into hosting an event at our facility and would like to know the information to do so.

    We do these events we call Junglefests and this would be great to tie into some of our more popular events.

    Please contact me


  6. I live in Norfolk Virginia. It seems very difficult to locate any information on contests. Any suggestions?

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